Agenda and Presentations

CRISM Workshop 2012

Where: The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, The Woodlands, TX
Date: Sunday, March 18, 2012
Time: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Room: Waterway 2-3

  1. Welcome and Introduction [FPS/SLM]
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    1. Workshop Objectives
    2. Agenda Overview

  2. Review of 2009 Workshop and Subsequent Changes [SLM]
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    1. Overview of the instrument
    2. Observation campaigns and data products
    3. Ground data processing
    4. User tools (CAT, crism-map, QuickMap)
    5. Introduction to new products

  3. CRISM Radiometric Calibration Update and Data Filtering [DCH/FPS]
    1. TRR2 → TRR3 VNIR and IR Calibration Update
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      1. Grating efficiency repeatability correction
      2. Laboratory H2O absorption correction
      3. Correction of 3.18 micron artifact
      4. Changes in empirical corrections
      5. Updated empirical flat field
        1. Revised exclusion areas
        2. Median of large number of image lines
    2. Hyperspectral Data Filtering
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      1. Ratio-Shift Correction (RSC)
      2. Iterative Kernel Filter (IKF)

  4. Map Projected Targeted Reduced Data Record (MTRDR) Product Family Generation [FPS/SLM]
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    1. MTRDR Product Family Overview
    2. Spectral Data Processing
      1. Photometric Correction (PHT)
      2. Atmospheric Correction (ATM)
        1. Non-linear Volcano Scan Correction
        2. Ratio-Shift Correction (RSC)
      3. Empirical Geometric Normalization (EGN)
      4. Empirical Smile Correction (ESC)
      5. VNIR → IR Sensor Space Transform (XFM)
      6. MTRDR Assembly
        1. VNIR/IR Join
        2. Bad Band Rejection
        3. Map Projection
    3. MTRDR Summary Parameters
      1. Hyperspectral Summary Parameter Calculation (SUM)
      2. Browse product generation
    4. MTRDR Ancillary Information
      1. Derived Data Record (DDR) Map Projection

  5. MTRDR Data Analysis Walk-through [DLB]
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    1. Basics
      1.  Opening and displaying an MTRDR spectral cube
      2. Displaying spectra
      3. Opening and displaying an MTRDR summary parameter cube
      4. Linking and browsing
    2. Spectral Analysis
      1. Selecting a region of interest (ROI)
      2. Calculating statistics
      3. Enhancing features
      4. Interpretation
    3. Visualization
      1. Custom RGB products
      2. 3-Dimensional views
      3. Mosaicking                    




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