CRISM (Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars)
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Public Data

View and access high resolution targeted data and map tile browse products in context with other Mars datasets.

Workshop PowerPoints:

  • 2009: CRISM Instrument, Mission, and Data Set Description; CRISM Analysis Toolkit Tutorial; Nili Fossae Data Processing and Analysis Walkthrough
  • 2012: Review of 2009 Workshop and Subsequent Changes; CRISM Radiometric Calibration Update and Data Filtering; Map Projected Targeted Reduced Data Record (MTRDR) Product Family Generation; MTRDR Data Analysis Walkthrough

MSL Landing Site Selection
Follow the CRISM Team’s journey through the selection of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover’s landing site. Potential sites include Holden Crater, Eberswalde Crater, Gale Crater, and Mawrth Vallis.

Planetary Data Systems Geosciences Node
Access CRISM data sets to explore and analyze for yourself!

CRISM Observing Modes (.pdf)