CRISM (Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars)
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CRISM Curriculum

Preview of curriculum guide.

CRISM Curriculum Guide

How do scientists look for signs of water on Mars? How similar are Martian geological features to what we see on Earth? The hands-on activities in our comprehensive curriculum guide will take students and teachers alike into the incredible world of Mars exploration. [Adobe Acrobat required]


Full Guide (3.91MB) | Activity 1: Earth/Mars Comparison (2.55MB) | Activity 2: Splat Craters (1.13MB)

Preview of curriculum guide.

Lesson Plan: Searching for Evidence of Water on Mars

Created for Space Academy: Mission Mars, learn how scientists will use the CRISM instrument to explore the Red Planet.


PDF (7.5MB) | Word (2.9MB)

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