CRISM (Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars)
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Mars Geology

Links on Mars Geology

Although a large number of sites provides information on the geology of Mars, the following provide some of the most interesting images and unique information:

  • The JPL Mars Program has a nice overview of highlights of Mars geology.
  • Mars Science Laboratory: The latest results from Curiosity’s traverse at Gale Crater
  • The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter: Updates from this orbiter mission, including HiRISE, CRISM, and other instruments
  • Mars Exploration Rovers: Keep abreast of the ongoing Opportunity rover and past results from Spirit
  • The ESA Mars Express Mission: This operating orbiter is still returning data from the HRSC camera, OMEGA spectrometer, and other instruments.
  • The Mars Odyssey/THEMIS site has many thousands of images at CRISM-like spatial resolution, plus maps of surface temperature. Surface temperature helps us to understand the texture of the material at the surface, that is, whether there are rock exposures or whether there is windblown dust and sand.