CRISM (Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars)
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What is CRISM View?

CRISM View is a first-of-its-kind opportunity to watch Mars through the “eyes” of the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) – as if you were riding along with it on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter! Based on the application that CRISM team members use when monitoring the instrument, CRISM View shows in real time (clockwise from the upper left):

  1. an MRO Mars Ground Track map, illustrating what part of Mars is illuminated, the current spacecraft orbit, and the location of MRO within the orbit;
  2. a Mars Information table, with Mars' seasons and distance from Earth;
  3. an MRO Information table with spacecraft position and velocity;
  4. a CRISM Information table that explains current instrument settings;
  5. a table of Next Scheduled CRISM Observations covering the next few days;
  6. the Current CRISM View showing CRISM's view of Mars; and
  7. a map of sun-centered Earth and Mars Positions.

First Time Users

Before running CRISM View for the first time, you need to install Java and Java3D to run this application.

For further instructions on how to install Java and Java 3D, choose the operating system you are using from the list to the right.

  Other OS

You must have Java 3D installed to run this application.
Click on your operating system type above for details.

New data is uploaded every Sunday at midnight. Please make sure you relaunch CRISM View each Sunday to view the updated data.

What to expect each time you launch CRISM View:

  • Click OK when prompted to open with Java™ Web Start Launcher.
  • Click YES, RUN or TRUST when prompted to accept the security certificate.

It may take a minute or so for the application to load and run after the second splash screen disappears.

Questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions or email the CRISM View team.